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Welcome to our school. We are promoting Japanese language skill to enroll Pakistani student in Japanese university/institute.
The aim of our Japanese course is to enhance the level of Japanese language skill up to N5 level to pass the condition to immigrate Japan for overseas student.
Dr. Hiro Takahashi will issue the certification letter of level N5 Japanese skill if student get the high grade in this exam.
Monthly text lecture key sentences with video at each scenario. It also provides both of languages Japanese/Urdu. Student can study very easily and effectively.
The consultant page are always open at this site. Student can the question about to overseas education and get the solution.
Everybody easy to start this study.
Let’s enjoy your education and get the skill to pass the exam of Japanese university.

Top Professors

Profesor Name
Prof. Hiro Takahashi

Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


  • Excellent service and a great communication.I really appreciate your team to develop this program. It helps a lot to me to learn Japanese language.
    Kahori Inamura

  • Because of LLJ services now I can avail all the language studies online,and can access all course material through my membership account. Thank you lets learn Japanese
    Bilal Hafeez

  • Personally and professionally I gained so much from online learning.I don’t go to many of these kinds of things. This one was well worth of my time. had an excellent session with LTJ Professor.
    Mehboob Samnani